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We are the Asian Nutrition Society for Sports and Health (ANSSH) – with more than 15 International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) members and certified professionals from 8 countries and regions across Asia and Pacific area. ANSSH is the only organization in Asia that offers a platform for both general public and industrial professions related to sports nutrition and exercise science.

From scientific exchanges to nutritionists, from nutrition faculties to students and from personal trainers to dietitians, our association of sports nutrition, exercise performance, and other health professionals are dedicated to helping people worldwide live longer, eat healthier, and functioning better. At the meantime, it also gives the scientific innovation to the sports nutrition food industries.

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Since 2015, ANSSH has engaged students, dieticians, faculties and researchers at both regional and global levels to join ANSSH. You'll gain access to the best resources in this area. The establishment of ANSSH will transform the academic sport nutrition society to a long-term run with benefits to researchers, students as well as the sports nutrition industries globally. The priority mission of the ANSSH is to bring nutrition benefits and the significance of healthy lifestyle to the public.

ANSSH is sponsored by large sports nutrition companies as well as world class universities, which will promote the development of sport nutrition industry and make the academic research more practicable in peoples’ daily living. We will also promote the public to have better awareness and access to sports nutrition products, professional instructions and healthy lifestyle.

Through research, conjunct graduate student program, professional instruction and certification, our members 

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The Asian Society of Kinesiology (ASK) is an international non-profit organization founded during the 7th Asia Conference on Kinesiology in Incheon, Korea, in 2016. We have ever held 6 times of North East Conference on Kinesiology (NACK) before the establishment of ASK.

The purpose of ASK is to research the specialty of Kinesiology and develop the Professional Kinesiologist Qualification System (PKQS), with special attention to the convergence fields of Kinesiology and sports medicine in the fourth industrial revolution.

The ASK associates scientists committed to the ASK mission by individual membership. By organizing the ASK Annual Meeting and publishing the Asian Journal of Kinesiology (AJK), the ASK provides a networking platform to share your knowledge.

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The International Society for Adaptive Medicine (ISAM) was established in 1990 in Freiberg to increase awareness as well as understanding of adaptive changes in human body organs. The previous twelve World Congresses of the Society were held in Freiberg, Moscow, Tokyo, Chandigarh, Framingham, Lyon, San Diego, Moscow, Taipei, Bucharest, Yonago and Chonbury. The 13th World Congress is planned to be held in Orlando in 2022.

The Society aims to study not only the basic mechanisms of adaptation but also their applications, for the treatment and prophylaxis of diseases. Furthermore, it is equally important to understand the basis of failed adaptation or maladaptations which manifest in clinical conditions. Thanks to the efforts of the Society, there is now a growing awareness about the gradual adaptation to repeat exposures to different “body stresses” such as exercise, environmental factors, disease conditions, work related stress and drug treatments, which increases resistance of the organism not only to that particular condition but also to other potentially harmful challenges. Understanding of such protective cross effects holds great promise in designing new ways to treat or prevent different disease conditions.

At present, the Society is comprised of members worldwide and its meetings bring together biologists, clinicians, engineers, nutritionists and kinesiologists. The Society also sponsors regional symposia as well as congresses around the world.

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